As Featured in O Magazine
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In Love with the Mystery is featured in the November 2013 issue of O Magazine, in Oprah’s Column “What I Know for Sure.” Link here to view larger image   Oprah, What…

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Launch Event Update in Newsletter
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The week before Victoria and Vancouver Launch evenings, this newsletter lets friends know that Edward Henderson will be joining Ann and Paul at the Vancouver Launch. Also includes an update…

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Ann Mortifee, Musical Shaman
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by Lisa Tant Originally published in BC WOMAN Magazine August 1997 A 17, West Vancouver singer/songwriter Ann Mortifee discovered her calling when her improvised songs from the play Ecstasy of…

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Facing the Challenge with Song
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A Workshop Experience with Ann Mortifee by Cecil Hershler Originally published in REHABILITATION DIGEST / SUMMER 1989  Reproduced here by permission of the author. A single note becomes a song…

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Women’s Conference
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COCHRANE THIS WEEK in THE COCHRANE TIMES Tuesday, October 28, 1976 by Marina Endicott WOMEN GATHER AT WHC (excerpt) Through songs and stories, women from the Cochrane area and from…

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Healing Journey
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HEALING JOURNEY By JACQUI UNDERWOOD (Originally published in West Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine, March 1996) Onyx eyes flashing gypsy fire, hair like eagle down, a tender open smile strengthened by primeval…

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