The Ecstasy of Rita Joe – Recording

Ann recalls, “Rita’s story taught me that art is meant to lead culture to higher levels of awareness.”
Cast recording of theatrical production

George Ryga’s play brought to the public eye the devastating effect of European colonialism on native peoples through the tragic story of a young woman who was caught between two worlds. “. . . fresh and alive . . . the music is beautiful, sad, haunting . . . with a quality and pleasurability that meets any international standards.” - Bob Cumming, The Georgia Straight

  • Music
  • Into the Heart of the Sangoma
    “Ann has created a masterpiece in this recording. Her years of travel, spiritual searching, performing, writing and a deep desire to touch bases with her roots in Africa, all come to fruition. I was deeply moved, and I think you will be, too.” Paul Horn
  • Healing Journey
    At the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, BC, Ann sang the title song to a worldwide audience of one half a billion people.