Healing Journey

At the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, BC, Ann sang the title song to a worldwide audience of one half a billion people.
Compilation of Ann's favourite songs

The music on this album is a compilation of Ann’s favourite songs, and her fans’ favourite songs, from her first six albums. This lyric from the song, ‘Healing Journey’ sets the tone of the album:  “This is a healing journey, We walk it one by one, Each woman and each man alone, To the sound of a different drum. “ (1994)

  • Music
  • Into the Heart of the Sangoma
    “Ann has created a masterpiece in this recording. Her years of travel, spiritual searching, performing, writing and a deep desire to touch bases with her roots in Africa, all come to fruition. I was deeply moved, and I think you will be, too.” Paul Horn
  • Serenade at the Doorway
    Two words often used to describe this album are ‘inspirational’ and ‘uplifting’. The songs are especially appreciated by people who are in transition, who are healing from loss, or who are seeking encouragement.