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Announcement of Paul’s passing – in Common Ground Magazine

I want to thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to write and express your love and support at this time of Paul’s passing. So many feelings are with me now. So many beautiful stories and rich memories have brought me to tears, have filled me with laughter or have quieted me with a deep sense of wonder. I have been privileged to share the love of a man who has always been true to his Highest Self. He followed the call of his inner knowing wherever it led him.

A dear friend reminded me of something I once wrote:

Great souls have passed through this plane of existence. We may love and revere them as the wayshowers, for our own potential can be seen shining in the love and wisdom they came to embody. So many men and women have accomplished what we, too, will accomplish. They realized that within and beyond form, all things are One. This is Self-Realization.

How blessed I am to have loved and to love such a one. Thank you, Paul, for all that you have given to me, to us by simply being yourself.

I send my love and gratitude to each of you as I wistfully begin a new chapter.


Paul Horn at Taj Mahal

Ann Mortifee

Singer Ann Mortifee is a genre unto herself. Blessed with a remarkable four-octave range and a gift for impacting hearts with her music and lyrics, her albums, concerts, full-length musicals, scores (ballet, film, opera, TV), and In Love with the Mystery book have generated national/international distinctions and awards. She is an Order of Canada Member, the country’s highest civilian honour. A world traveller, compelling storyteller, and sought-after keynote speaker for major conferences, Ann creates and facilitates inspiring arts and consciousness workshops and co-founded two foundations - for social innovation and for forestry conservation. Based in BC, Ann is the wife of the late jazz flutist, Paul Horn.

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