In the Shockwave of the Election

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“Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field.
I will meet you there.” – Rumi.  

Golden HandIn the shock wave of the election’s vulgarity and aggression, and my sadness for Hillary, who has served for over 40 years, I ache for our terrifying immaturity, and seek to make sense of it all.

Individuals, relationships, families, communities and countries all experience moments of disruption, and when growth is needed, it rarely comes easily. It can be calamitous, tragic and unexpected, like a fever that erupts to burn away a disease within the whole. When the body has purged what no longer serves, and comes back into balance, the fever subsides and health returns.

We are a self-healing mechanism that lives in a dimension held together by the forces of duality: yin and yang, dark and light. Positive and negative energies create the dynamic fusion that keeps our universe alive and evolving, from the cellular level to the cosmic. We cannot have one without the other. From birth to death, and in between, we wrestle to accept conflict and opposition and struggle to embody oneness, balance, and the harmony for which we yearn.

We are living a grand saga, you and I – the ongoing battle between good and evil, and the urge to move forward to greater consciousness and the urge to go back to what once we knew. ‘Evil’ is the word ‘live’ spelled in reverse. When we live in unconsciousness, resisting and rejecting those who do not share our opinions and beliefs, evil begins to brew. When we re-envision and re-think who we are and what we ultimately value, we can evolve and embrace a greater understanding and awareness.

In the end, everything serves and everything hinders. Religions that advocate love, tolerance and unity can also cause violent hatred, war, death and division. Hitler, who devastated with his hate and intolerance, also caused the need for and creation of the United Nations, which is dedicated to human rights and a hope for global unity. Everything and everyone serves our journey onward.

We must give up the need to be right and have others be wrong. We must develop the strength and humility to integrate within ourselves the opposing forces that are tearing our world apart. We must become fulcrum points which balance, and bring stability into, the dynamic diversity of conflicting points of view.

Step back. Look deeper. Observe everything as if all facets of this conflict contain life-giving particles of truth. Collect these golden particles together. Make sense of them. Uncover that which is trying to unfold. And when you do, we need you to share your revelations with us. Those who are able to find a way to that field beyond the smallness of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, can be the way-showers who lead us all to higher ground.

Ann Mortifee

Singer Ann Mortifee is a genre unto herself. Blessed with a remarkable four-octave range and a gift for impacting hearts with her music and lyrics, her albums, concerts, full-length musicals, scores (ballet, film, opera, TV), and In Love with the Mystery book have generated national/international distinctions and awards. She is an Order of Canada Member, the country’s highest civilian honour. A world traveller, compelling storyteller, and sought-after keynote speaker for major conferences, Ann creates and facilitates inspiring arts and consciousness workshops and co-founded two foundations - for social innovation and for forestry conservation. Based in BC, Ann is the wife of the late jazz flutist, Paul Horn.

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