Composer, Librettist, Songwriter


Clockwise from left: Ann can often be found sitting at the piano, working on a new song or musical score; Edward Henderson, Ann’s dear friend and artistic co-creator, and Ann celebrate completing the vocal/piano score for their new musical, The Mysteries; One of Ann’s treasured possessions is the grand piano that belonged to her late husband, Paul Horn.

Ann’s creative spirit is a wellspring for words and phrases that have a way of connecting with peoples’ hearts. And when the words and phrases are combined with her original music, the effect is compelling and powerful. People continue to rave about her musicals and concerts years after attending, and that says a lot. Ann’s body of work is impressive. She has:

  • Written lyrics and music for 320 original songs
  • Created six full length musicals (concept, libretto (story and dialogue), musical score and song lyrics
  • Recorded 10 albums of original music

Discover Ann’s latest Musical, The Mysteries – LINK HERE  for THE MYSTERIES WEBSITE