Ann’s Stories

Dining with the Queen
930 694 Ann Mortifee

On the day that I was dine with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, as the date of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, I was in rehearsal…

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The Truth of the Moment
1024 683 Ann Mortifee

I was beside myself with terror. I had been invited to facilitate a workshop on singing at Hollyhock Farm, a centre of learning, connection and culture on Cortes Island, British…

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From Tunisia to Kairos
953 513 Ann Mortifee

I had been travelling for over three years and didn’t know whether I would ever return to singing. Then, in the city of Tunis, where I was spending a few…

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The Stories that Travelled
990 660 Ann Mortifee

Once they are shared, stories can travel in surprising ways and for great distances. This is the tale of how two stories told to a friend while we were sitting…

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A Voice in the Darkness
1024 768 Ann Mortifee

At the beginning of a week-long workshop I always ask the participants what brought them here. What was their desire, motive, hope, need, or intention in coming? A calmer BC…

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Laughter on Molokai
1024 768 Ann Mortifee

One of my most unusual concert locations was the Kalaupapa Leper Colony on the island of Molokai in Hawaii. I spent four days there after being invited to do a…

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The Floating Stage
1024 825 Ann Mortifee

One of the most memorable stages I performed on was a floating stage. At the Elora Arts Festival in Ontario the stage was on a raft which floated in a…

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Looking Back with Love
1024 718 Ann Mortifee

 Valerie Hennell was my manager and dearest friend. We were two impassioned innocents without a clue as to what we were doing or where we were going. “Valerie Hennell and…

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Music and Lyrics and Brel
1000 770 Ann Mortifee

A passion for writing songs and a great friendship was born when Valerie Hennell and I met. I was playing the lead in a university musical, and she and I began…

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Stepping Onstage
1024 829 Ann Mortifee

In junior high school I was in a quartet, harmonizing the songs of the day at school dances. I began to play the guitar at 14, when a friend gave…

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